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Conducting Marketing Analysis

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The Scenario & Challenge

You have been hired as a marketing analyst for a national chain of pastry shops that is considering the establishment of a retail store in Southeast Shreveport, Louisiana (zip code 71105/71106). Your first assignment is to (1) conduct an investigation of the types of consumer groups that are drawn to such shops currently situated in the given vicinity and (2) provide a report detailing your findings. This will be used by the corporate headquarters as a baseline assessment to determine if a "fit" exists between the retailer and the noted customer base.

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The main objective in deciphering targeted consumer demographic data is in the framework on locality trends (behavior patterns) based on core factors of ability (income levels, age, living standards). In doing so, the assessment is more concrete and reliable for actually relaying an outcome expected of behavior output the renders purchasing a product. In the case study example, the types of consumer groups can arrange in a way that formulate certain particulars warranted of identifying the most current trends in purchasing behavior of targeted and potential customers based on a few data, such as;

Income levels - the focus is on the ability to being able to purchase due to available spendable cash is available, therefore, the pricing must reflect affordability within the targeted demographic zip code living area; not too high and not too low but just right for profitability and returned ...

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The expert examines conducting marketing analysis scenarios and challenges. An investigation of the types of consumer groups that are drawn to such shops currently situation given vicinity is provided.

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