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    Impact of Internet on performance of the global value change

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    Describe specifically how Volkswagen can achieve the following in a global environment:

    Assess the impact the Internet has had on the performance of the global value chain relative to Volkswagen and specifically how the internet has increase the flow of time-sensitive information as well as complete information other division around the world.

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    Impact of Internet on Volkswagen

    Impact of Internet

    Volkswagen a largest automobile manufacturer has used internet to add value to its global value chain (Wiese, 2009). Internet has impacted the performance of Volkswagen in a tremendous manner. Through the use of internet, the company has developed Volkswagen Worldwide that can be used by the customers to select their country/region (Volkswagen Worldwide, 2010). With the help of internet, the company has developed competitive in-house manufacturing systems to minimize the impact of its vehicles on the environment (Nunes & Bennett, 2010).

    Marketing and sales activities of Volkswagen have also improved with the help of internet. The company has performed its various marketing, manufacturing, sales and operations related activities into different countries by using internet. The ...

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    The impact of internet on performance of the global value change is examined.