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    Current Market Conditions for Ford Motor Company

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    Please assist me with the attachment. I need help in writing and introduction and conclusion.

    I need to prepare a paper in which I describe future market conditions for Ford
    Motor Company will face.
    I need to explain my conclusions and address the following topics in my paper:

    d. Productivity
    f. Price elasticity of demand

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    Ford motors are the third largest automotive manufacturer in terms of revenue with brands like Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, and holding a one third controlling interest in Mazda under its Brand umbrella.
    Ford motors are widely spread across the world but its major market remains North America.

    In recent times, with recession in the USA the profits are tumbling down for North America but its revenues across the world otherwise are stable. But the competition is rising everywhere. For instance, With Tata Motors launching Nano in India lot many companies would lose their sales to it. To maintain the competitive edge in the current times it needs to build up on its productivity and price elasticity.

    Productivity in economics refers to measures of output from production processes, per unit of input.1 It is a measure of efficiency of a company, a ratio of sales to expenses.
    To counter their decreasing sales, Ford came up with its 'The Way Forward' plan wherein it planned to cut down manufacturing costs by reducing production capacity and workforce and by simplifying the manufacturing process, with more models using common parts. But by doing this their net margin was also decreased.
    Ford in this interest plans to move from luxury car segments and also plans to sell Jaguar & Land Rover.
    Their new innovation with alternate fuels to run the automobiles will take them long way as the prices of Petrol & Diesel is on hike all ...

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