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    Quality & Supply Chain Management

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    Your challenge is find the least cost solution. Your solution need only specify how many truckloads will be shipped on each transportation route that you choose to use and the cost incurred when using that transportation route. The lower the total cost, the better.

    Write a position paper (1-2 pages) on whether the use of transfer points is necessary or justified in this case.

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    Please refer attached file for help on your position paper. I have given mix of theoretical and practical illustrations, which you can use to structure the position paper.
    You can use the attached document to build your final position paper.
    The position paper is based on my readings and knowledge and not copied or adapted from any online or hard cop text.

    Position Paper: Use of transfer points in transportation to minimize total transportation cost

    Introduction: Finding least total transportation cost is a key aspect of delivering cost competitive products to the customers. For given demand points, the challenge is to identify location of facilities, including manufacturing, distribution, and transfer points, so that total transportation cost is minimized. The solution to the problem involves location, capacity, demand points served, and quantity shipped on each route.
    This position paper is about justification of transfer points in transportation network to minimize the total transportation cost.

    Context: To evaluate use of transfer points in transportation network, the context where a firm has manufacturing locations with certain capacity and demand points with known quantum of demand at each location is taken up. The firm wants to serve the demand fully or partially with minimum transportation cost. In order to achieve the objective the firm is evaluating two options: 1) direct shipments from manufacturing plants to demand ...

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    Word document contains mix of theoretical and practical illustrations of transfer points.