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Quality Management in the Supply Chain

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1. Why is quality management so important in the supply chain?
2. What may happen to the supply chain if the quality management approach is not implemented correctly?
3. What are the consequences of the faulty implementation of a quality management approach?

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1. Ultimately quality management in the supply chain impacts the quality of the organization's overall goods and service, as well as the value of the operation. It is important to focus on quality throughout the chain, from the procurement of raw materials to the distribution of finished product. Every step impacts the customer's experience, either through a direct reflection in the product quality or by impacting the product cost.

Quality management involves listening to the needs of the stakeholders, collecting data on error rates and defects, and taking corrective and preventive action based upon the results. Getting employees involved throughout the chain also encourages communication for further improvement.

Companies who consistently offer quality products do so as a result of their attention to detail. This impacts the consumers' perception of the organization and their products or services as well as their value to all stakeholders.

2. In the event quality management is not implemented correctly a wide range of problems may occur. Should raw materials be received that are defective in ...

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This detailed solution discusses why quality is important in supply change, consequences of not utilizing a quality management approach correctly to supply chain, and consequences of faulty implementation of a quality management approach. APA formatted references are included.

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