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Good managers and good systems

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Once a month, you meet with other quality analysts in your local area. This month topic is "getting back to basics". The speaker reminds the group that any quality management program includes people (managers, workers, executives, inspectors, and so on), systems (machines, procedures, processes, equipment, communications), inputs (raw materials, information, energy, and so on), and outputs (materials, information, reports, and services). Discussion after the speech focuses on the importance of good managers and good systems. You participate by explaining why both are integral to an organization and the effects, if any, of an imbalance within any of these areas. Use your current experience and challenges at Canbide

I began formulating research and a deliverable on the above task but just guidance/assistance. So any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Comment to student: I am presenting the whole assignment below. Please note that I have not used a single resource for compiling this assignment and it is completely based on my knowledge on this topic. I hope that you will find the information complete and useful for your assignment. I have tried to incorporate all the basic elements and tried to include Canbide as an example throughout the document. Please let me know if you need further assistance with this matter.

Total Quality Management and principles like Six Sigma are the buzzwords in today's dynamic business environment, be it manufacturing organization or service organization. The growing importance of TQM can be ascertained from the fact that more and more organizations are initiating efforts within their organization to enhance quality in order to achieve the most important goal of modern organizations- Total Customer Satisfaction. Even though there are varied ways and means to obtain quality in organizations, depending on the nature of the business as well as circumstances around the company, the final goal of all quality improvement processes finally lead to one goal and direction, ie, to enhance the satisfaction of one of the most important stakeholder of the company, which is the customer.

Even though there has been many fundamental and technological advances in quality management and many theories have been propounded by Quality Gurus, the basic elements for attaining quality remains the same. Therefore, a prudent quality manager should never forget these basic elements in their quality management process. Quality management is not a process in isolation. Instead, it encompasses all the major elements of an organization, such as people, systems, inputs and ouputs. In order to achieve total quality management on a corporation wide basis, one needs to apply synergy in efforts in all these areas to achieve maximum success.

The "people" in the organization, which includes top management and middle level managers, employees and workers at all levels, are the building ...

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Good managers and good systems