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Managing a business function or group of employees.

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Would you be able to help me in identifying two company functions and two government departments that have comparable responsibilities for managing a business function or group of employees. I then have to respond to the following:
â?¢ Provide an analysis of key characteristics for all four roles. How do they differ?
â?¢ What do these differences in reward/motivation/work systems suggest about the individuals who will choose to work for these entities?

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Finance Department
- Understand the overall performance of the organization
- Identify ways to measure and maximize the value of intangible assets
- Reduce operating costs and effectively manage enterprise-wide investments
- Budgeting & forecasting the financial condition of the organization.
- The finance department is responsible for keeping track of all sales and capital spending at a business.
- Another responsibility is to provide management with a profit-and-loss statement that will show the overall strengths or weaknesses of a business
- Managers need the most current information to make the best decisions for their department. The finance department of company has duty to provide them with the most accurate and timely information possible.
- Help the business receive the necessary financing it needs and deciding how the money will be paid back and distributing dividends to shareholders
- ...

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Two company functions and two government departments that have comparable responsibilities for managing a business function or group of employees.

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