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Marketing questions and essays

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Please assist with the following questions about marketing.

Some demographic characteristics are more important than others in determining market potential. For each of the following characteristics, identify two products for which this characteristic is most important: (a) size of geographic area, (b) population, (c) income, (d) stage of life cycle.

Is it unfair to advertise to children? Is it unfair to advertise to less-educated or less-experienced people of any age? Is it unfair to advertise for "unnecessary" products? Is it unfair to criticize a competitor's product in an ad?

If you were asked to recommend a firm (with which you have dealt) as a benchmark for good customer service after the sale, what firm would you recommend? What does this firm do that other firms do not do as well?

Consider a new product for your organization or an organization that you have an interest. Using the Market Plan Outline and develop the first three segments of the plan which are; a) Organizational Overview; b) New Product Description; c) SWOTT analysis. In the product description be sure to give a reference to the product differentiation and positioning strategy you are going to use.

Explain why a company might want to do focus group interviews rather than individual interviews with the same people.

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