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Analyzing a positioning strategy

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You are now the owner of a 'designer jean' company. This company produces custom made jeans for men and women in the New England area. The name of this company is Custom Made Designer Jeans, which is the first of it's kind - offering different style jeans based on different body shapes, different lengths, colors, decorations, fit and 'custom-made' for EACH consumer. Please analyze a positioning strategy for Custom Made Designer Jeans based on the market data (see attached file).

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Since these are designer jeans with unique attributes such as custom fitting for different body shapes, the company can afford to charge a premium for this product. The market demographics also suggest that a good number of people in the area make good income and thus, the ideal positioning strategy for these jeans would be premium positioning in order to establish the brand as a unique, one of its kind and exclusive product. People ...

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