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    Strategic Marketing for ITO Company

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    You're talking with your mentor at your former company about your current situation and challenges. She suggests that you consider using societal marketing. Perform research to determine if, how and why similar IT outsourcing companies might use societal marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Then think about how ITO Company might use societal marketing as a competitive strategy as a way to differentiate its brand. What tactics should ITO Company use in its societal marketing? In addition, on a larger scale, which of the four competitive marketing strategies should ITO Company pursue and why did you choose this strategy?

    Business Scenario:
    You have just been hired as the new Marketing Manager at ITO Company. ITO(or Information Technology Outsourcing)is a five year old, US$10 million company, with 100 employees. The company outsources its full-time information technology professionals who may work at clients' sites, from regional offices or from the company's Chicago headquarters.

    You are excited about this new job since this is your first management position, having come from a large marketing department in an architectural/engineering/construction professional services company. While you performed a wide variety of marketing functions in your old position, you never set marketing strategy nor were you in a position of management there. You feel challenged to meet ITO's corporate goals.

    While you are comfortable marketing services, you recognize the difficulty in marketing in a sluggish economy, considering how heavy the competition is, particularly from Canada and India, which offers well-educated and well-trained information technology professionals at prices well below ITO's costs.

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    Product Differentiation strategy by ITO

    Differentiation requires organization to create something about its product that is perceived as unique within its market. According to the Jack Trout, Differentiation is

    "It's all about specialization. Being outstanding at one thing is far better than being just good at many things.
    The specialist has powerful tools.

    It's all about simplicity. Big strategic ideas come in small words. Complexity is the enemy. Simplicity is the holy grail.

    It's all about leadership. No one will follow you if they do not know where they are going. Strong leaders lead the charge.

    It's all about reality. We have seen an era where many big brands are in big trouble because they did not have the right strategy. They ignore the reality of the marketplace and learn some painful lessons the hard way."

    http://www.konverentsid.ee/?lang=&nodeid=4&item=1101 as retrieved on 19 Oct 2006 15:05:41 GMT.

    The premise "Differentiate or Die" is of great relevance especially in present times. The organization can gain market share only if it has something different to offer to the customer. This is because the consumers have got wide variety of choice. The product life cycles has become shorter and margins has reduced. Hence organizations have to make themselves unique in order to survive in these competitive times. The uniqueness can be achieved through real product features or advertising that causes the customer to perceive that the product is unique. Thus the customer "perceives" benefits that are unique, relative to competitive offerings. With the help of Marketing Mix i.e. Price, Product, Place and Promotion it can differentiate its product.
    (Kotler). Thus ITO will pursue ...

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    As a marketing manager you are responsible for discuss competitive marketing strategies for the ITO company.