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Marketin Plan for Classic Airlines

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Hello, I am still struggling with a section of the paper you helped me with recently. I'm just not sure what is expected of this section. Please help :-). I highlighted the section in bold red.Thank you.

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Thanks for choosing to work with me on your solution. Below and attached are the answers (same answers in 2 different formats) to your question on strategies and specific tactics including estimated cost and timing for those tactics for Classic Airlines.

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These were our marketing objectives. I will list specific tactics to achieve them as well as cost and timing under each.

? Marketing Objectives
Market research has shown that consumers prefer efficient, low-fare airlines with easy internet distribution systems, fresh new service concepts and friendly employees and this demand continues to grow every year. Research also indicates that consumers are extremely dissatisfied with the quality and level of service offered by the traditional airlines (Avitas, 2004).

? A fare structure that is simple and straightforward
Management at Classic Airlines must develop its own fare structure based on research done on its own customer base.

 The airline can ask customers to fill out brief customer satisfaction surveys after each trip in exchange for extra frequent flier miles. In the survey Classic can ask customers what they like and dislike about their current fare structure and what they would change. This can be implemented within three months and the cost would be determined by the amount of frequent flier miles offered in exchange for the surveys. Keep in mind that this cost is shared among all tactics that use it thereby making it an efficient method to use.

 The airline can also data mine its own historic sales to see which fares attracted the most sales and which ones produced flat sales. This can be performed by the marketing department in-house and should cost nothing. It should take no more than three months to perform.
 Based on the above ...

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This is a partial Marketin Plan for Classic Airlines , a fictitious company.