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    Entering Foreign Markets and Marketing Logistics

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    I need help help with these questions:

    1. What are some factors companies must consider before attempting to enter foreign markets? Assuming you were setting up a market program for a product in a foreign country, what should you consider? How can international marketing benefit domestic countries?

    2. Why is logistical efficiency important in marketing? How important is technology's role in market logistics? What are some examples of technology improving market logistics?

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    1. Before entering a foreign market it is important to analyze the demand for the product/services in the foreign market. It is also important to analyze the competition and the share attained by them in the market. Then the firm should seek to know about rules and regulations which the product/service would be subject to in a given foreign market. The firm should also know what would be the major distribution channels for this product in the foreign market which could be utilized by the firm.

    The market program should consider the reason for entering foreign market and appropriate entry methods should be recognized. The need for a foreign component or partner is recognized during this phase. The program should also outline the marketing plan for product which ...

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