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Core Strategy, Product Positions and Value Propostions

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Core Values are a guiding principle of a company. Discuss your Core Strategy and make sure to connect it to your Product Positioning & the Value Proposition (which should take into consideration the Target Market & Competition)

Research website security using your text, online internet periodicals, or articles from the full-text databases in the library:

- Present your Core Strategy
- Create the text for an "About Us" page that properly positions your company.
- Brainstorm the Key Words and Title Tags you will use for your site. Provide rationale that considers all of the decisions you have made to date.

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Core Values:

Core values refer to the principles that guide the organization's internal behavior and also its relationship with the external environment. Core marketing strategies involves identification of one or more target markets and also developing a clearly defined competitive position for each target market. In order to develop a competitive edge, one needs to develop a clearly defined competitive position for each target market. When forming a marketing mix marched to the needs of the target market, one also needs to study the competitor's products and try to differentiate its products (Kotler, 1997)

The company's core marketing strategies is through online marketing and word of mouth. This type of marketing ...

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