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    Marketing strategy for a lawnmower: the 4 P's and the 5 P's

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    Explain how you would develop a marketing stragety for a lawnmower. Describe each target markets that you would seek to reach. Be sure to address this by using the 4 P's.

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    When launching a new product or service (in this case, it will be the lawn mower), you want to make sure that you understand who will purchase your product, how you can attract the attention of these people, and how you will sell the product. The marketing strategy can be a step by step instruction manual on what plans you have to fulfill your sales goals.

    The plan can state your future objectives (sell xxxxxx number of products by 2009), and how you plan on doing this (launch a TV campaign, alongside magazine ads...).

    In essence, there are 5 pillars of marketing, which can also be described in detail in the marketing plan (which is more comprehensive than the 4-Ps. I have added the 5th P as "people" who is very important in your plan, as it helps segment and target your market.

    Let's first go over the 5-Ps:

    Product: You your product, and explain the key features and benefits
    Place: where you will sell the products (high end retailers? online? mass production)
    People: who would purchase your product?
    Price: ...

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    This posting examines a marketing strategy for lawnmowers. It identifies 3 target audiences and explains how your marketing plan needs to be adapted for each group.