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    SWOT Analysis of Winn- Dixie

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    ? What advantages does your company have?
    ? What do you do better than anyone else?
    ? What unique or lowest-cost resources do you have access to?
    ? What do people in your market see as your strengths?
    ? What factors mean that you "get the sale"?

    ? What could you improve?
    ? What should you avoid?
    ? What are people in your market likely to see as weaknesses?
    ? What factors lose you sales?

    ? Where are the good opportunities facing you?
    ? What are the interesting trends you are aware of?

    Useful opportunities can come from such things as:
    ? Changes in technology and markets on both a broad and narrow scale
    ? Changes in government policy related to your field
    ? Changes in social patterns, population profiles, lifestyle changes, etc.
    ? Local Events

    ? What obstacles do you face?
    ? What is your competition doing that you should be worried about?
    ? Are the required specifications for your job, products or services changing?
    ? Is changing technology threatening your position?
    ? Do you have bad debt or cash-flow problems?
    ? Could any of your weaknesses seriously threaten your business?

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    Strong presence/ network in South Eastern US states, particularly florida.

    The company historically had a good customer following in states like Florida and Louisiana, though the image has been tarnished due to bankruptcy filings.

    Presence in pharmacy as well as food segments.


    Financial problems led to filing of Chapter 11 and closing of stores has been a big setback for the company. The restructuring efforts have begun to show promise, but there is still a long way to go.

    Operating margin issues, such as those related to high warehousing and transportation costs, higher ...

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    What advantages does your company have?