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    Analyze the Case of Edge-Wood Lake Hospital

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    Read the case and briefly outline an analysis based on the 8 steps in the attached criteria. List the steps as headings shown below and briefly discuss each.

    http://college.cengage.com/business/hill/strategic/6e/students/analysis/casestudyanalysis.pdf to also see the criteria if needed.

    1. History
    2. Internal strengths and weaknesses
    3. External Environment
    4. SWOT Analysis
    5. Corporate strategy
    6. Business strategy
    7. Structure and control
    8. Recommendations.

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    Edgewood Lake Hospital Case Study


    Edgewood Lake Hospital is located in northern California and has been in existence since 1945. It is a 30-bed, non-profit organization. It is in a small close knit community and has inpatient and outpatient services. Even though there are many troubles they have experienced in 2006, it still has provided quality care.

    Shannon Johnson is the new CEO of Edgewood Lake Hospital. The prior CEO, Richard Fuchs, did not make the hospital profitable and actually cost the hospital money in its expected profits. Additionally, Jenny Mayview, the interim CEO, did not manage to bring the hospital out of its financial troubles mainly due to the wellness center that was built. Shannon Johnson has her work cut out for her. Not only this, but she will also have the challenge of recruitment issues with the physician staff.

    Internal Strengths & Weakness


    Good financial management. The ELH has had a good financial position due to the community donating money to help with the wellness center being built. There was $120,000 in funds raised for this. Many hospitals are funded by the Private Pay, Uninsured, Commercial, Medi-Cal, and Medicare. 54% of ELH funding is by Medicare.

    Knowledgeable Staff. The ELH staff is knowledgeable; however there are other issues that are problems. Keeping the physician staff is one of them. Without good doctors, the hospital cannot do the type of business it needs to survive. The residents are mostly older and therefore, the doctors and nurses need to be well-educated and well-versed in handling the elderly.

    Largest Employer. ELH provides great quality service and has a good track record of happy clients. ELH scored 100% for delivering discharge instructions and 100% for providing smoking cessation counseling for congestive heart ...

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