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SWOT analysis-Fast food

Please provide indept information to the two questions below. I created a SWOT Analysis to assist.

1. How should a restaurant such as White Castle deal with the growth in competition in the fast-food market?
2. To prepare them for this hurdle what primary and secondary research should they conduct?


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To deal with the fast growing competition in the industry, White Castle should try to utilize the strengths of its existing brand image. The company enjoys a loyal band of consumers and is considered to be a provider of high quality at reasonable prices. The company should try to expand its reach in the country by either opening own outlets or by giving franchisees. The company can take the leverage of its brand image to its benefit and can thus survive the onslaught of competition from other heavyweight players.

The company's USP is 24 hour service. It should try to promote its USP by suitable advertising and promotion programs such as using electronic media, press advertising and promotional schemes. This will not only help the company to create brand awareness which is one of its weakness, but will also distinguish the brand of the company from its competitors. Since heavyweights of the industry are also trying to capture market share by opening up for longer hours, ...

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SWOT analysis-Fast food