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    Role of warehouse in logistics

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    Response must be 200-300 word for each questions with reference

    1. Why would a warehouse be described as a "necessary evil"? Expand on your response--- 300 word response with reference NO PLAGARISM

    2. Discuss and illustrate the role of warehouses in reverse logistics. Expand on your response 300 word response with reference NO PLAGARISM

    Note: Ensure the textbook reference is use as a referenece

    Required Textbook Reference: Bowersox, Donald J., David J. Closs, M. Bixby Cooper, Supply Chain Logistics Management. 3rd edition or 4th edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin

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    1. Warehouse, a necessary evil
    Warehouse is a place where goods are stored. They have loading docks to load and unload goods from carrying vehicles, usually trucks. Different variety of goods are stored in warehouses, like raw materials, spare parts, finished goods, packaging material, components, etc. Warehouses are an integral part of any supply chain as customer orders, globally, get fulfilled through them. If properly designed and executed warehouses can play a critical role in improving customer service. However given the complexities involved in the warehouse and selection of techniques and technologies which will be appropriate, warehouse management is not an easy task. There is huge fixed cost tied up with warehouse that includes cost of racks, conveyers, picking systems, etc. in addition to employee training costs. A warehouse can take business to new heights or bring it down. It is ...

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    The role of warehouse in logistics is examined.