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HP and L'Oreal's Operations Improvement Plan

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1. Based on the company profile of HP and L'Oreal, describe several service-related processes these companies might use that could be considered for the OIP (operations improvement plan). Processes to consider may be related to policies and procedures, human resource management, and customer service.

2. What additional information might you need to better understand these processes and their function within the organization


HP website : http://h17007.www1.hp.com/us/en/whatsnew/june/060611.aspx

Loreal website: http://www.loreal.com/_en/_ww/tools/virtual/visite.aspx

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Operations Management - Process and supply chain


HP and L'Oreal experienced unprecedented commercial success by incorporating OIP in their operations. Both companies "advanced their business interests by refining the structure of operations in an organization, as opposed to solving problems singularly."

HP's success can be attributed to the company's implemented strategy of convergence. The convergence strategy streamlined all the aspects of the operation.

L'Oreal reinvented itself by embracing the idea that beauty is for everyone and for all gender. By refining its operation it was able to carve it own niche in the beauty and fashion industries.

HP's Operations Improvement Plan

Converged Infrastructure is the fastest path to success in the Instant-On Enterprise
To help clients accelerate their goals, HP today announced new solutions that simplify the deployment of Converged Infrastructure through integrated and optimized solutions that accelerate application delivery, define the next-generation of converged storage and revolutionize how data centers are built in the future.
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? Converged Storage - A new architecture for the next generation of storage built on modular building blocks that define how storage will be delivered for cloud, big data and applications.
? Converged Data Centers - Introducing the world's most efficient data center - the HP POD 240a; the latest innovation of HP's modular data center technology.

The industry's first portfolio of Converged Systems to accelerate time to application value.

Today, HP announced the industry's first portfolio of Converged Systems designed for rapid deployment, maximum performance, and advanced management of application environments. HP Converged Systems simplify and extend the deployment of HP Converged Infrastructure by integrating hardware, software and services into turnkey systems to help businesses harness the full potential of virtualization, cloud and next generation applications such as Real-Time Analytics.
The HP Converged System portfolio includes the HP VirtualSystem, HP CloudSystem, and HP AppSystems optimized for application delivery in virtualized, cloud and dedicated environments and can be delivered as turnkey appliances, built to order or hosted by HP.

HP Converged Storage: The industry's first common storage architecture designed for the next era of computing
HP Converged Storage is a new category of storage solution that fuses scale-out storage software with converged hardware and integrated management. HP Converged Storage is the industry's first common storage architecture to scale performance and capacity without disruption for any data type, storage workload, or capacity point.

The unique modular design of HP Converged Storage enables clients to deploy highly available and scalable storage on the same infrastructure that powers their business applications. To accelerate the introduction of the HP Converged Storage portfolio, HP announced a completely re-architected ecosystem of services, financing, and certification programs to help customers transform their storage infrastructure.

Introducing the new HP POD 240a 'EcoPOD' - The world's most efficient data center
Ideal for data center expansion, new capacity and disaster recovery, or as temporary capacity during data center renovations, the HP POD 240a or 'EcoPOD' delivers maximum density with a ...

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