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Final Quality Check List for a Full Service Car Wash

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Imagine that you are the owner of a full service car wash. Create a final quality checklist that determines if a car is properly serviced. Develop the checklist so that it may be used to evaluate your organization's supply chain performance relative to satisfying customers and achieving competitive advantage. Present the checklist as part of a paper that explains your reasoning.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Full service car wash
The full service car wash provides skilled auto wash with repair and service at fair prices to its customers. It also has an extensive custom fabrication and restoration department, should there be a need for the same in the service. The basic services performed in a service include changing oil, changing oil filter, checking plugs and leads for replacement, checking for appropriate amount of coolant, spark plugs for pitting, oil fouling, etc., checking shock absorbers for leaks and wear, checking lights, oiling door hinges, checking brake pads, checking exhausts for leakage, erosion, and cracks, and finally checking all tires for cuts and damage to sidewall. A basic checklist is provided to customers which has all the above items included in the servicing plus any other repair as identified by technician. The customer can check the service against the checklist and make payment accordingly. Apart from this, customers can specify service restrictions to technicians for which they would not be charged.
The customer base includes local clients as well as distant clients who have ...

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