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Your Ideal Organization

What kind of organization would you like to work for? What would be the best? What would be the most realistic?

Think about and discuss its structure, physical environment, lines of communication, treatment of employees, recruitment and promotion practices, policies towards the community and so on.

Consider also what you lose because of some of these benefits (for example if the company contributes in the community or offers more benefits for employees there might be less money for raises.)

Discuss trade-offs. Link the costs and benefits (utilitarianism) to the value of what the firm is doing (universalism).

Please answer all questions.

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The kind of organization that I would like to work for would be a smaller company in which employers knew the people that work for them, but big enough that the benefits were decent and affordable. The best one for me would be one that allows telecommuting as I really want to work from home. Also, a company that has flexible hours and insurance as I have children and they are my number one priority. The most realistic company for me to work for would be a locally owned company that takes ...

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The expert discusses organizations structures, physical environments, lines of communication, treatment of employees, recruitment and promotions.