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    Use of IT in Logistics

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    As IT is affecting more functions in the business cycle, inventory management has become more automated. Technology has influenced logistics management across inventory areas to allow for ease of visibility and management of items. Records, levels of stock and even forecasting based on consumption can all rely on technology to facilitate business functions in any industry. Is the use of IT in logistics as advanced as the use of IT in other areas of business?

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    Yes. IT is present in both internal and external logistics. Internally, IT plays an important part in the movement of inventory items. In manufacturing, once inventory is pulled from the shelf to be put in an assembly, an electronic transfer is created, which is tied to the demand for that item against the existing orders. Therefore, IT determines stock levels and availability of inventory to fill ...

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    This solution looks at the growth of information technology (IT) practices in all areas of business, with a focus on its development in logistics with regards to inventory management.