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    the new strategic role of HR

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    I need help answering these 5 questions. Any help you can provide would be great!

    1. What is the new strategic role of HR?

    2. What are some HR functions that contribute to creating a high performance organization?

    3. Why is benchmarking important in maintaining external equity in compensation?

    4. What are the controversies surrounding employment-at-will?

    5. How can an organization improve its bottom line by reducing safety and health claims?

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    1. What is the new strategic role of HR?
    The new strategic role of HR is to provide competitive advantage to the company through proper staffing, developing an efficient team, motivating the employees and helping the company reach its strategic objectives.
    This material is taken from the website: http://www.crstamu.org/i" Workers and line managers, not necessarily senior management, are forcing HR to transform. They are questioning traditional orientation and training programs, requesting more learning tools, and demanding faster response and communication. They are forcing HR to be what it should be--a resource. HR professionals have no choice. They either become engineers and developers predicting and responding to these lifestyle and attitude changes, or they will eventually disappear from the retail landscape.

    Future HR management will shift most of the routine, time-consuming bureaucracy to technology. They will emphasize the human element. The new HR will focus on personnel retention and development. HR professionals will be coaches, counselors, mentors, and succession planners. They will also be the knowledge source for increasingly complicated labor laws and government policies. The new HR will promote and fight for values, ethics, beliefs, and spirituality within their corporate community. They will effectively build relationships with the outside community, schools, nonprofit organizations, and families.

    To succeed, HR must be a business driven function with a thorough understanding of the organization's big picture. It must be viewed as a strategic consulting partner providing innovative solutions and influencing key decisions and policies. To examine the strategic vitality of your HR department, consider the diagnostic questions at the end of the following role descriptions." http://www.crstamu.org/i

    2. What are some HR functions that contribute to creating a high performance organization?
    A high performance organization is created with the help of some HR functions. For example, the HR function helps motivate employees, the HR plays an important part in structuring and restructuring the organization so that it becomes high performing. Moreover, it help improve performance through monitoring ane evaluating the performance and finally HR helps improve performance through proper recruiting.
    This material is taken from the website: http://www.ewin.com/" The first step is to determine what the expectations are of the manager who realized the necessity of the function. In very small companies, this is often the owner or most senior manager who just returned from a seminar or workshop where an attorney -- or a whole herd of attorneys ...

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