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    The Contributions of Experience to the Workforce

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    See attached case file.

    Steps towards ''Putting recovery at the heart of all we do'': Workforce development and the contribution of ''lived experience''.

    1. BACKGROUND: Provide some Background on the Case itself.

    2. ANALYSIS: What are the major points in this case? What are the issues or problems or issues you have identified?

    3. SOLUTIONS: What are methods that would address the issues/problems (you need to support this with some research).

    4. CONCLUSION...A general wrap-up of the Case and your summation of the case itself.

    Cite the reference in correct APA format and should include at least 2 external resources.

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    This article seeks to provide the reader with important information in regards to the methodology that can be allocated in seeking to bring about some form of mental health recovery for the clients of Devon Partnership Trust, as well as to facilitate an efficient method by which organizational change may be facilitated at the organizational level as well. This article also gives an in-depth explanation as to the reason that recovery may be needed, as a means by which to enhance the facilitation of organizational change, and to provide the reader with the pertinent reasons why recovery and organizational change can enhance an organization's efficiency within a given industry. This article also sheds light on the benefits that lived experiences can have on increasing workforce efficiency and competency.

    The major points in this case, include the ...