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Product Strategy for Body Bugg & iPhone

See attached file.

Part I
Please see the attached for a review of the IPhone.
What other messaging would be successful for the specific brand and why?

Part II
Please see the attached for a review of the Body Bugg.
What other new media tools could be added to the messaging strategy for the brand?

Please include at least one outside reference for each.


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Product Strategy:

iPhone could utilize the marketing message of the product's ability to organize one's life: mail, text, phone, contacts, photos, music, and entertainment are grouped within one device for the user's enjoyment. In addition, users can utilize the iPhone to look up information including restaurants, weather, show times, definitions, and trivia. Not only does the iPhone handle your current needs, it has the information available to you to anticipate your future needs and questions. Siri, the personal assistant most of us lack but would love to have, adds a personal touch to the sorting and questing of information, as well as to the entertainment value of the device.

Even parents see value in the iPhone during crunch time, when other tasks must be performed. A child can be handed the iPhone and taken into the world of Dr. Suess, learning phonetics with the help of ibook, or kept busy playing hangman to practice their literacy skills. An iPhone can also serve as a tool to those dicey, middle of the night panic attacks when the child has a fever and noisy cough, diagnosing the croup and giving all a plan of action until the pediatrician's office opens the ...

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This solution discusses product strategy for Body Bugg and iPhone, inccluding messaging and new media tools. References are included.