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Portable Phones, Inc. scenario and questions

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Please see the attached PDF document for the scenario and answer the following questions:

1. If you manage an assembly department, at what part of the month would you tend to request your phone circuit boards be assembled by the board department (Everything else being held constant)? Explain why.

2. Identify various disfunctional behaviors likely to occur among the phone assembly departments and the board department.

3. What management changes would you suggest? In particular, what changes would you make in the accounting system? Explain why each change should be made.

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The expert various dysfunctional behaviors which are likely to occur among the phone assembly departments and the board department.

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Question 1:
The current structure of request is causing a work overload for the board department and also causing an increase in the cost of phone assembly departments as the cost of being idle is also charged from the phone assembly departments (Griffin & Moorhead, 2011). The schedule of the board department is determined at the beginning of the month, so it will be the best time to request that the phone circuit boards be assembled by the board department. There is a single assembly line and other departments also send their requests during the month, which increases the idle time and cost for the assembly departments. So, the request at the beginning of the month will be beneficial for my department as it will enable me to reduce the idle time of board departments. The board department will also charge only for the actual time spent on the assembly of boards for my department's phone, which will reduce overall cost for my department. At the same time, the request at the beginning will also be beneficial for me to reduce the risks of delay in the delivery of assembled boards (Champoux, 2010). The excess capacity of the month will also be used by the board department, which will be effective to increase the capacity ...

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