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Organizations That Do Not Take "Customers" Into Consideration

Can you think of any organizations that do not have relevant "customers" to take into consideration? If there are such, how are they different from other organizations where all parts of the BSC operate equally?

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All companies are made up of relevant and non-relevant customers. Looking at different organizations such as a non-profit we can still identify the relevant and non-relevant customers. It is clear that the relevant customer is the cause to which the organization supports, i.e. the homeless, third world countries, etc. Where as the non-relevant customers are the investors. The actions of the organization does not directly impact the investor, but instead impacts the cause. Also, it is important to understand that if the organization does not uphold ...

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The solution gives 345 words looking at different organizations such as a non-profits that do not have 'customers' as such. A reference is also provided.