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    Customer Perspective: BSC

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    Hello, need some help in getting started on a discussion topic. Please see below:

    "Can you think of any organizations that do not have relevant "customers" to take into consideration? If there are such organizations, how are they different from other organizations where all parts of the Balanced Score Card (BSC) operate equally?"

    Response will need to be specific and give concrete examples. A strong entry (2 paragraphs minimum) with at least one of them supported by research, with the source cited is requested.

    As per site guidelines, this will not be copied word for word- will be used for a start for my own work.

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    There are several organizations that do not have relevant customers. Not having relevant customers from the perspective of balanced scorecard means the organization does not know who their customers are, does not focus on the products customers expect from them, do not listen to customers, do not retain /acquire new customers, do not meet customers' needs, and don't care about customer satisfaction (b). Traditionally monopolies protected by law could have attitudes that behaved as if they had no relevant customers. ...

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    This solution explains with organizations that do not have relevant customers as required by the balanced scorcard method. The sources used are also included in the solution.