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Operation Management: Libbey's Ruby Glass

1. Disucuss Libbey's innovative approach to developing ruby glass. What is it? How does it work? What are the benefits? etc...
2. Discuss Libbey's approach to making money from bottle making machines.

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Over years, Libbey's has used innovative approach to developing glass and glass products. Ruby glass is red glass made by adding gold (III) oxide to molten glass. The glass is used for decorations. Ruby glass is made in small quantities because of its gold content and careful mixing requirement. The glass is usually hand blown or molded. Ruby glass works because gold is dispersed inside the glass. So, the finished hardened glass is a colloid with gold dispersed in another solid phase. The main benefit of ruby glass is the beautiful red color that tints the glass when gold is added to it (1).

The benefits of ruby glass are that it is valued for holding flowers or confectioneries. Ruby glass is very popular on table for its ornamental impact. It is used for wine glasses, finger bowls, and flower vases. It is also used for making "Mary Gregory" glass.

Ruby glass also has great value as antiques and pieces of collection. Victorian ruby glasses have a rich deep coloring. Very ...

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