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Walreds, a convenient store company and your employer, has been growing rapidly over the past two years. As a result of this rapid growth there have been a lot of promotions from within the organization. This has led to a large number of individuals being promoted to manager positions with no previous supervisor experience.

Many of the decisions being made by the new managers have led to problems. Senior management has been frustrated with the problems and has asked you to develop a plan to address this issue and help the new managers improve their decision making processes.
As you were researching a plan for this you found a web page,


You would like to have new managers use this decision making worksheet to map out the major decisions they have to make on the job. You informed Dan, your manager, of this and Dan has asked you to develop a plan and email him your ideas.
Specifically, Dan would like you to clearly show the benefit of this by including two worksheets that illustrate two different job-related decisions.

1. Based on the results, are the decisions of new managers likely to be objective or subjective? Rational or irrational?

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Both of the questions in number 1 are basically defitions of basic decision making theories. Neither pertain particularly to business per se.

As to the objectivety or subjectivety of the decision. Most likely the decision is going to made in a fairly subjective manner. This is because the manager comes up with their own alternatives and considerations. The manager places a rating on the consideration based on their own ideas. This ...

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