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Children of Divorcees and Impact

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Hi experienced helpers :),
I need help with writing the Research Proposal Project on a topic about the children of divorce. It could be memory, attention, cognition, behavior, comparing specific CBT intervention, etc, anything related to counselling. Three parts: topic, outline, and final draft should be clearly presented (10 pages APA). The final goal is not to complete an entire research study, but to construct a brief, yet solid and well researched PROPOSAL for a study describing all the various parts, including the references you will use to establish the background for the study - all of which are always the first stages in an actual study.
I am willing to consider price adjustment with your proposal ideas. I had one good and one poor experience with this cite.
I really need professional help.
Thank you very much!

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Children of Divorced parents often experience detrimental outcomes, which is likely to impact future development.

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Greetings! My name is Dr. Underwood, and I will be your assisting you today! This is a great research proposal! I will reinforce that proposals is not an actual study as your assignment states, but instead a "plan" for what you plan to examine as if you're going to conduct a study :) For starters, it's important that you have a specific focus for which you like to examine in your paper. For example, children of divorcees often experience a variety of emotions which is likely to impact their overall well-being. You need to think about a question or questions you'd like to investigate. In terms of variables, the independent variable in this case is divorce and the dependent variable is the outcome of divorce in children. Your challenge at this point is narrowing your ...

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