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Is there an optimal age to retire in America?

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What is the best and/or right age to retire in the USA? What constitutes a successful retirement?

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Age is really just a number that is rather meaningless (within certain parameters, of course). One person at 75 could be much healthier, happier and better off than someone else at 50. So much depends on lifestyle, success in life and happiness.

Studies have shown that one's health is the single most important factor in determining an enjoyable retirement. If one is healthy, then ...

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This solution discusses whether an optimal age for retiring in America actually exists. What factors contribute to a great retirement as opposed to a miserable one? Over 200 words of original text along with links to sources for more information.

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Virtual Interview

Virtually interview two retirees (one male and one female) to answer these questions:

- How did you prepare financially for retirement?
- How did you prepare psychologically for retirement?
- Did the thought of retirement scare you? Why or why not?
- How do you spend your time?
- What types of social activities do you participate in?
- What are your thoughts and feelings about retirement? Do you like it? Why or why not?

1. Summarize the findings from your two interviews, noting similarities and differences in general, and specifically as they appear to relate to gender.
2. Explain the impact of individual and sociocultural factors on retirement adjustment for your two interviewees.
3. Integrate the Learning Resources above and the information gathered from the virtual interviews to identify and explain factors that contribute to optimal or less-than-optimal adjustment in and to retirement.

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