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Privatization of Social Security

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Discuss the proposal to privatize Social Security. One aspect of that plan is to allow individuals to invest most, if not all, of their own money into investments, rather than into the Social Security System.

Given recent economic events, discuss whether this plan will be effective.

How would this plan affect you?

Do some additional research on this topic (how Social Security can be changed or if it should remain as is) and include it in your discussion.

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The suggestion to privatize social security is a heated political debate. The current system is said to be a disadvantage to the national economy in that it does not contribute to national economic growth, national savings and national investments.

With that said the current system has accumulated enough revenue to pay out benefits on through the year 2037.

However a new social security system is being suggested; ...

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The solution provides insight and discussion on the topic of the proposed privatization of of social security in the context of recent economic events as well as the possible effects this will have at individual level.

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