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    Games/Gaming Industry - Positive and Negative Impact

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    Using the terms, facts, and other information gathered about the gaming industry, identify objectively whether gaming overall has a negative or positive impact. Justify your response.

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    Please find below my research on the gaming industry advantages and disadvantages.
    Hopefully, you will be able to get a stand on the overall impact of gaming and decide whether you think it has a more positive or more negative impact.
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    Just like anything else, the Gaming Industry has both positive and negative impact on some things.
    Advantages of the games/gaming industry:
    - It is beneficial to the economy with its high sales and revenues. According to the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), "the NPD, a global market research company, the computer and video game industry sold 273 million units in 2009 leading to an astouncing $10.5 billion in revenue". (Esrb.org)
    - Establishes community building and social engagement.
    - A way for parents to have bonding moments with their children when they play the game with them. Most parents are present when children buy or rent video games. They monitor the games their children play 97% of the time (ESRB.org). Eighty six percent (86%) of the time, children ask permission from their parents with regards to the purchasing of the video games and how they are going to play ...

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