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Expanding a Fast-Food Business Internationally

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You are planning to expand your fast-food hamburger franchise internationally and have decided to open in London, Mexico, and China. What are some of the considerations to keep in mind concerning the values that the different cultures have on food and eating, the social behaviors to be sensitive to regarding employees and customers, the training required, the work attitudes, and any ethical standards that you would like to impart? Are the attitudes in the countries individualistic or collective?

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The solution assesses London, China and Mexico in terms of social behaviors, sensitivities and the general national attitude, be it collectivism or individualism, in order to make recommendations about expanding a hamburger fast-food restaurant there. 1236 words with 5 references.

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An organization that seeks global expansion opportunities must consider several factors such the types of food that are primarily enjoyed by consumers, informal and formal greetings and gestures, current economic state of the country you are entering. Integrating fast-food restaurant chains in various countries will require special accommodations to ensure consumers will dine at the global franchise. For example, McDonalds opened branch locations all throughout the United States, and other countries and has adjusted their menus according to consumer demand and social acceptance. In Hawaii, McDonalds integrated dishes that consist of "spam" and rice which is a cultural favorite among Hawaiians. Another factor to consider is the manner in which dining is conducted. For instance, in the United Kingdom (UK), citizens enjoy social gatherings at local pubs, where food and drinks are served. These social experiences are typically considered a family or social outing; therefore an organization should create an atmosphere of family-orientation. In the UK, fast-food restaurant chains are becoming more and more frequent as a result of working class individuals who no longer have time to take part in the English traditional customs of tea and cakes in the afternoon. A fast-food restaurants must ensure that their menu is benefiting to their consumers. Some "traditional English dishes include roast beef, and Yorkshire pudding (batter mixture in muffin form)" (Culture Grams, 2011). Citizens in the U.K. also enjoy a hearty breakfast that is similar to most American dishes such as; eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. "British food has traditionally consisted of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and fish, served with potatoes and another vegetable. The most common foods eaten by U.K. citizens are sandwiches, fish and chips, pies, trifle and roast dinners" (Barrow, 2010). In a dine-in restaurant setting, patrons summon servers by raising their hand or making eye contact. If the service is ...

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