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Great Britain: Possibilities of Doing Business

Great Britian - Low Cal Snack Packs

You are a member of the newly established international marketing team for AIU (American Interests United), based in Hoffman Estates, IL. AIU manufactures many types of packaged food products which are currently marketed only in the USA. The company has decided to expand internationally and will start by entering one foreign country with one product.

Your AIU team has been assigned to research and investigate the possibilities of doing business.
- The product to be marketed in the target country and rationale for choice.. This is the question I need answered.

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// Before discussing about the business possibilities in Great Britain, it is necessary to know some introductory things about the place. The whole paper discusses about the expansion of business of the AIU at the International level. The Country which is presently selected for the paper is Great Britain. So, this section presents a short description about it under the heading of Introduction, for example: //


Great Britain, the largest island of the British Isles is located in the North West part of the European continent. It included three Nations namely, England, Wales and Scotland. It is the leading financial centre and trading power. Over the past few ...

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