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Distinctions Between Internal and External Customers

(1) Can you make an interesting distinction between 'internal' and 'external' customers? Do yo think that financial considerations (bottom line) do make impact on how the 'relevancy' of each customer group is determined?

(2) The question is how customer perspective fits into the Balanced Scorecard. In particular, how is finding and serving relevant customers could boost a financial bottom line? How could you define 'relevancy' in this context?

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Having attended numerous customer service training sessions, I can tell you that the importance of treating all customers with respect in relation to the company's bottom line is critical.

Internal customers are colleagues and superiors alike. For example, if an organization has an IT department which provides technical assistance, equipment and other technical services to its employees, the IT department are internal customers are all employees assisted by the department. Another example is Medical Records or Health Information Management within a hospital or even the cafeteria in an establishment has internal customers. Many departments request catering services and utilize their internal food services division, when available.

External customers are the ...

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The solution discusses the distinctions between internal and external customers.