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Customer Delight as a Core Value

Explain the concept of core values and include an example.
Who defines an organization's core values?
How can an organization know if they are practicing their core values?
How can an organization know if they are benefitting from their core values?
How can Customer Delight be made into a core value?

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Core values form the most deeply held beliefs and driving forces of a person. Organizational core values drive the direction of the organization similarly, and is based on every organization member's acceptance of a fundamental view of life and the business.

An example of a statement of core organizational values is found on the Subway website. It lists four core values:

Entrepreneurial Spirit
Giving Back and Encouraging Healthy Active Lifestyles
Making a Difference in Our Neighborhoods

Diversity and the Entrepreneurial Spirit, for example, show themselves in the effort that the management makes to develop leadership and promote advancement for employees of every background who excel in their work.

Since most American businesses begin as small businesses with one or a few founders, it is usually those founders who formulate the core values of the organization. Fred DeLuca of ...

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Customer delights as a core value is discussed. How a customer can delight be made into a core value is given.