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    Design a balanced scorecard of performance measures for AT&T

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    Design a balanced scorecard of performance measures for AT&T Mobility Inc. to gain better insight into performance.

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    ? STRATEGY: Grow revenue by focusing in the data products market with an emphasis on customer retention, the fastest and widest wireless network, and innovative new products and services to delight our customers.


    In order to create a balanced scorecard, I need measures in each of the four perspectives that would support the strategy shown above. That would mean that I need continuous innovative product ideas, employees that are creative and trained to test and make these products, the right products for the target customers so that I keep and gain market shares and the right prices and costs so that all this folds into good profits and cash flow. Potential objectives, targets, measures, and initiatives for each of the sections are given below.
    A full featured scorecard would have objectives, measures, targets and action ...

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    Your tutorial is 424 words and gives you one objective, measure, target and initiative (action) for each of the four perspectives of the balance scorecard (financial, customer, internal business process, and learning and growth) for ATT based on their product strategy.