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    Confidence Interval for Customer Satisfaction and Testing

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    Quality Progress, February 2005, reports on the results achieved by Bank of America in improving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty by listening to the voice of the customer. A key measure of customer satisfaction is the response on a scale from 1 to10 to the question:

    Considering all the business you do with Bank of America, what is your overall satisfaction with Bank of America? Suppose that a random sample of 350 current customers results in 195 customers with a response of 9 or 10 representing customer delight.

    Find a 95 percent confidence interval for the true proportion of all current Bank of America customers who would respond with a 9 or 10. Are we 95 percent confident that this proportion exceeds .48, the historical proportion of customer delight for Bank of America?

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    a) Given the sample size n = 350, the number of customers responded 9 or 10 X = 195. Hence the sample proportion (See attached) = 0.5571

    95% confidence interval for the true ...

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    The solution determines the confidence interval for customer satisfaction and testing.