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Creating Winning Strategies

1. What is your strategy?

- How do you currently create value?
- Who do you serve? How do you delight your customers?
- How are you different from your competition?
- What advantages do you have over your rivals?

2. Examples of Winning Moves: What great winning moves have you seen other companies make?

- What was their big move?
- Where did they invest resources? Where did they put their people?
- What value did they offer?
- How did they position themselves against their competition?

Application: What is your Winning Move?
- What can you do to change the playing field?
- What can you do to gain more customers?
- What can you do to make customers you have to stick with you?

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1. I run an organic food and beverage company. My core strategy is to offer fresh, naturally/organically produced and tasty organic food products and beverages to my customers. I differentiate from my competitors by offering widest range of organic products under one roof, sourced from all across the globe. I am able to offer better value to my customers by ensuring that the products are 100% organic, affordable and provide a unique taste to customers. My competitors do not carry the wide range of products that I offer to my customers. I delight my customers with fresh ...

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