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    Business Strategy and Analysis: Handheld Corporation

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    1. Describe the strategy that you will use and defend why you think that strategy will work. Draw on accounting, marketing, finance and strategic management concepts for your decisions. Show tables and charts/graphs to illustrate your solutions/decisions. Explain your strategy. Thus your strategies in approaching this decision need to rely on models, ratio analysis, and theories from such classes as Economics, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Strategy, and Quantitative Analysis.

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    Overview of the concept of Strategy

    In a company there are resource strengths represent competitive assets. A company having particular strengths and the competitive capabilities in which they can engage in competitive advantage will allow the company to perfume well in the marketplace. Furthermore, these strengths which take the form on the following:
    - A skill or important expertise
    - Valuable physical assets
    - Valuable human assets
    - Valuable organizational assets
    - Valuable intangible assets
    - An achievable or attribute that puts the company in a position of market advantage
    - Competitively valuable alliances or cooperative venture

    By having a sense of the strengths in the various resources state above, one must measure the competitive power of each item by answering the following questions:
    - Is the resource strength hard to copy?
    - Is the resource strength durable - does it have staying power?
    - Is the resource really competitively superior?
    - Can the resource strength be trumped by the different resource strengths and competitive capabilities of rivals?

    The company's competitive capabilities can range from the following:
    - Competence: Something that the firm is good at doing
    - Core Competence: The Company can produce and / or perform better than other internal activities
    - Distinctive competence: The Company can do things far better than the other competitors

    Now that we discussed about the company's strengths in terms of resources, there are also company resource weakness which can be defined as competitive liabilities. These can include inferior skills, poor management, and lack of intellectual capital.

    Business strategy
    Our focus will be more towards business level strategies regarding this case.
    Business-level strategies are primarily concerned with:

    1. Coordinating and integrating ...

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