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Bias in Information

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The purpose of this group project is to examine and critically evaluate a research paper in the area of strategy and strategic management. Identify a research paper on strategy, strategic planning, and/or strategic management for evaluation.

1.Is there any missing information?
2.Does the research and data come from reputable sources?
3.Is there evidence of any bias? If so, how?
4.Do you agree or disagree with the analysis and why?
5.Do you agree or disagree with the implications and why?
6.Do you agree or disagree with the paper's conclusions? Why?
7.What could have been done to improve the paper?

My Problem:
I have read this report about six time and I still don't have a clue as to how I might proceed. This is a group project and I am only responsible for question # 3, Is there any evidence of BIAS? If so, how?

How do I proceed? what information can you guide me to so that I may complete this assignment? Any and all suggestions would be most helpful. Please site all sources. The article we are evaluating is attached in file #1

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Bias is basically present everywhere except maybe a purely factual presentation or statement. i.e. There was a storm today and it killed 20 people- there is no bias there since that is fact, it cannot be contested.

However, bias in research papers is almost always present. You have people all over this paper that are cited that have different opinions. Many of them are in business and others are in other fields. Each field carries it's own bias. i.e. those in the business ...

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