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Altria's commitment

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When working in the area of strategic management, you will often be asked to look at what appears to be a strategic initiative on the part of another company and speculate as to what the strategy behind the initiative really is. In other words, what is the company really trying to do and why? You will find that you have to use your knowledge of business and strategic management to penetrate the rhetoric and determine what is really behind it.

Explore the Altria website (formerly Philip Morris): http://www.altria.com/responsibility/4_10_environmentagriculture.asp

Characterize Altria's commitment to the environment?
Do you think this commitment will offset the environmental issues with the tobacco company? Provide support for your opinion.
What are Altria's real strategic reasons for these environmental initiatives?

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Characterize Altria's commitment to the environment :

Altria's commitment towards protecting and conserving the environment, especially against its own operations such as those related to sourcing and manufacturing tobacco products for its Philip Morris division, is really commendable and one of the most prolific in the industry. Altria has set an example not only for other companies in the cigarette and tobacco companies worldwide but also for other big multinationals by maintaining highest standards with respect to conserving the environment against harmful practices. Further, the company is not only fulfilling its commitments towards the society by conserving the environment and preventing it from further degradation but also educating the users of the company's products and people in general to become more environment friendly.

Being a multinational company involved in a sensitive business like Tobacco, there are a host of environmental issues surrounding the company, especially its Philip Morris division. Issues such as ethical sourcing of tobacco leaf, disposal of cigarette litter, etc, adverse effect on environment due to growing of tobacco, pollution due to smoking etc. are constantly faced by the company. Some of the most important initiatives in order to resolve these issues with Philip Morris and other ...

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Characterize Altria's commitment to the environment?