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    Strategic Incentive Plan

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    Assume you are a business owner - currently, you have more than ten employees working for your organization. Design a realistic, reasonable strategic incentive plan that would include the following:

    Programs offered to employees (full time and part time)
    Incentives that would motivate employees to be productive
    Requirements for employees involvement to the company, and perhaps the community
    The reporting requirements in case of dispute with management, and unethical behavior or practices in the organization

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    For full-time employees of the company, an incentive plan would include a program in which daycare services will be provided at half-price for the individuals who have daycare age children at home, with the company paying one half of the daycare costs at company approved daycare locations. This program will be open to all staff members once they have been employed with the organization for at least six months, and have a satisfactory performance rating from their ...