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    Hobart Corporation's Strategic Plan

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    Hobart Corporation

    Short Analysis Paper,

    Read "Hobart Corporation" on pages 289-290 in the course text.
    Search for articles that give examples of Hobart Corporation's strategic market management.
    Search for recent articles describing the strategies and their results:

    1. Prepare a Strategic plan for Hobart Corporation as discussed on page 281. Consider both internal and external analysis in preparing your plan. Identify Hobart's SCA and its branding equity

    2. Discuss the strategic goals and methods for this firm applying information that you identified in your library research. Consider the discussion questions on page 281 in preparing your response.

    3. Cite the source and the edition of the periodicals that you have referred to for this response.

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    Hobart Corporation is focused on leading the "foodservice and retail equipment industry through technical innovation, operational excellence, superior customer service and unsurpassed value" (Hobart, 2014). They intend to do this by focusing on an 80/20 strategy, which means they concentrate on the needs of 20% of their strategic customers who generate 80% of the revenues for the company (Hobart, 2014).
    Internally, Hobart has tremendous product and application knowledge and a broad perspective of the food industry (industribrand, n.d.). By putting this knowledge to work, the company is able to focus its ability to service the customer more effectively. Hobart developed a program to address subjects that customers care about that is aligned with areas in which the organization has expertise: food safety, energy consumption, labor costs, shrinkage and application of new technology. The company has also gone from having ...

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    This detailed solution prepares a Strategic plan for Hobart Corporation. Considering both internal and external analysis in preparing your plan. It idenitifies Hobart's SCA and its branding equity. It also discusses the strategic goals and methods for this firm. Includes APA formatted references.