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A Good Mission Statement

Please need help in understanding if the Darden's mission statement is a good one or not.

To help, visit the Darden website ( to become familiar with this corporation. Review the company's history, brands and commitments. Click on the "Our Commitments-also found in the FAQ area" and then "Foundation and Community Affairs" tab to immediately see the company's mission statement.

It is my understanding that Darden is a family of well branded and recognizable full service dining restaurants. Some of these include: Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Bahama Breeze. Since opening their first restaurant in 1968, they have now grown to own and operate over 1,800 restaurants and employ more than 180,000 individuals. After reading additional online articles (please cite these references) please respond to the following questions:

1. Do you feel this is a good mission statement for Darden (please support this answer)?

2. If not, develop a mission statement that you feel is a good representation of this company and exemplifies the key traits of their business. If you think it is a good mission statement, compare it to a company that you also feel has a good mission statement and then explain what you think makes them both effective.

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1. Do you feel this is a good mission statement for Darden (please support this answer)?

Yes, this is a good statement. The company works to fulfill the needs of customers both in the restaurant service and in the community at large. The commitment to programs such as Second Harvest, investing in alternative energy in the home office, and providing a work environment that put them in the top 100 best places to work show their mission statement is important to them and to the people they are supporting. These commitments make the employees feel valued, the community better, and the commitment of sustainability valid.

While many companies are now providing many of these same types of efforts, the local community in Central Florida is proof that Darden is working ...

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