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    An action plan for a small internet business

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    I am needing an action plan for my small internet business. I sell my own art on Ebay. I am trying to do a strategic plan for my business, but am stuck on the action plan. My long term goal is to increase sales via the internet. Good customer service is another goal. I just don't have a clue what to do or how to go about writing this, so I would like somebody to write one that I can modify as needed.

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    You have asked for some help on how to develop an action plan using the goals that you have stated for your small Internet business.

    I have attached a copy of an Action Plan for the LBO Company. They had 40 goals, but the format is what is important here. They stated each goal in detail, then listed the actions that needed to be taken to accomplish each goal in its entirety. They also wrote next to each action the timelines involved in completing each action to achieve the stated goals. These helps keep things on track and gives a realistic idea of how long it should and will take to achieve the stated goals.

    In you case, you ...