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SQC- P chart

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Data-entry clerks at ARCO key in thousands of insurance records each day. Samples of the work of 20 clerks are shown in the table. One hundred records entered by each clerk were carefully examined and the number of errors counted. The faction defective in each sample was then computed. Set the control limits to include 99.73% of the random variation in the entry process when it is in control. Find the upper limit and lower limit. Draw the sample data on the control chart.

Hint: Sample size=100

# Defects % Defects
Sample 1 6 0.06
Sample 2 5 0.05
Sample 3 0 0
Sample 4 1 0.01
Sample 5 4 0.04
Sample 6 2 0.02
Sample 7 5 0.05
Sample 8 3 0.03
Sample 9 3 0.03
Sample 10 2 0.02
Sample 11 6 0.06
Sample 12 1 0.01
Sample 13 8 0.08
Sample 14 7 0.07
Sample 15 5 0.05
Sample 16 4 0.04
Sample 17 11 0.11
Sample 18 3 0.03
Sample 19 0 0
Sample 20 4 0.04

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Step by step method for constructing a p chart is given in the answer.

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