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Atek Medical Supplies to launch new diabetes product

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The (FDA) has cleared the first device for diabetics which, integrates a glucose meter and an insulin pump with a dose calculator into one device.

The product, made by several American corporations, combines an insulin pump with a glucose monitor and facilitates data interchange between the two. The use of the integrated system is expected to make it more convenient for people to manage their diabetes.

Manufacturing companies in the U.S. operate as medical products and services companies with expertise in medical devices to assist healthcare professionals and their patients.

The companies' products are used by hospitals, clinical and medical research laboratories, blood and plasma collection centers, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, doctors' offices and by patients at home under physician supervision.

It is anticipated that several of these companies may be interested in exploring the possibilities of marketing this product to other countries with high market potential.

Atek Marketing Supply is the company of choice.

As a research specialist for global markets, please research and discuss the following:

1. Discuss the background of the chosen company and product. (Please note the Company has already been chosen- It is Atek Medical Supplies-www.atekmedical.com==and Product description is listed above.)

2. Develop and discuss the importance of the criteria used to select your country-market.

3. Then, compare and contrast (at least three) potential country-markets along the criteria vs the US. (Use a table to summarize the data.)

4. Finally based on your analysis in (2) above, indicate the best country-market and defend your choice.

Please cite all references used.

Thank you!

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Atek Medical supplies launching a new diabetes product is examined.

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There can be two approaches of selecting foreign country market for the product:
Reactive Approach: When this approach is used, the market which has already demonstrated success is chosen. Different methods can be used to select such markets using:
• Past sales numbers
• Competitive sales
• Participation in trade shows
• Discussions with industry experts
Proactive Approach: The proactive approach chooses market based on independent analysis. The analysis includes:
• Global indicators
• Trade barriers
• Tariff barriers
• Non tariff barriers
For Atek Marketing Supply, potential market needs to be large and fast growing with limited local or foreign competition where there is high receptivity of the product and there are no significant market barriers. Following are the identified countries for exporting the new diabetes ...

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